'Relief from head cold and congestion' By: Robert R.

I had a head cold with a runny nose, nasal congestion, etc. The works! I decided to take oil of oregano a bit differently this time and instead of putting a drop under my tongue, I put a drop in a bowl and poured hot water over it. I put a towel over my head and for about 10-15 minutes I inhaled the steam. Within less than 20 minutes both my nasal passages were open and I could breath in and out of them with ease. I was astonished at how fast it worked!

'For self and for friends!' By: Carol H

I have used and recommend this to many of my friends that have had sore throats, flu like symptoms, bad coughs and arthritis pain. For me I wouldn't be without it in my home. I had a bad sore throat one morning when I awoke. I took 2 to 3 drops under my tongue twice that day and before bedtime the soreness had changed to a scratchy throat. I continued into the next day and by the following evening my sore/scratchy throat had disappeared. I normally have this for at least 4 or 5 days. A friend of mine visited me with a terrible cough from the flu and had had it for 2 weeks. I got him to take 2 or 3 drops under his tongue while he was visiting me that evening (he did it twice). I sent him home with the bottle and he used it again that evening before bed. His wife called me the next day and told me that was the first night he had a peaceful sleep and did not cough once. He continued with it the next day and his cough disappeared within 2 days. As I have said I have recommended it to quite a few of my friends and have only heard favourable comments back. Thank you. Carol H

'Clears Acne After Years' By: Louise A

I have suffered from acne since the age of 11 and am now 26. I was running out of hope in ever finding a solution and thought I was destined to have bad skin for life. I walked into a small health food shop here in Toronto and the sales assistant gently asked me about my skin and what I had been trying to heal it. At this point I had many spots on my face including a few large and embarassing cysts. I went through a list of things that I had tried including many prescription drugs, creams, lotions and antibiotics--all of which offered little relief and even seemed to make things worse. In addition to changes in diet, she suggested that I try oregano oil and so I purchased a small bottle of Hedd Wyn Oregano Oil. I went home and began taking it three times a day with three drops under my tongue each time. That night I mixed a drop in with my soap when I washed my face that night as the woman at the health shop had said that it would help with the bacteria on the skin which is a factor in causing acne. At bedtime I put a drop on each of my cysts. When I woke up the next morning I was amazed to see that the cysts had greatly reduced in size, were less red and not painful at all! I continued with this each night and by the end of 3 days the cysts were pretty much gone and the rest of my skin was glowing. This is like a miracle to me as I would often suffer with these cysts which would not go away for many weeks at a time. I have been continuing to use the oregano oil and my skin has not looked this great in years. Once a week I also put on a honey masque with one drop of oregano oil and this seems to keep my skin looking beautiful for the week. I just want to say thank-you so much because this has really given me my confidence back!I can now get up in the morning and look at myself in the mirror and actually be pleased with the condition of my skin rather than saddened by it. That means everything to me. I have now recommended the oil to a number of people including my mom who swears by it for colds and wouldn't think of trusting anything else, and also my boyfriend who has suffered constant infections in his gums and now uses the oregano oil in a mouth swish to stop the infections in their tracks! We love your oil! Thank-yoU so much!!

'Fatigue, Chronic Pain, Arthritis' By: Betty R

My husband & I moved to the Island in 1988. In 1990, I was gardening by my tame broom & got a bite on my shin. It had all the symptoms of a tick bite, but my Dr. said there weren't any on Vancouver Island, so no, it wasn't that. From that time on, my immune system became "depressed" (that's the only answer the Dr. could come up with)& my blood tests were all low & out of range. I was very tired & had to give up my clog dancing & even line dancing, as my head could not tell my feet what to do after 5 mins. I could hardly walk up our steps to the back yard, really frustrating! I had tests for everything we could think of, Lymes Disease, B12, iron deficiency - you name it! Nothing ever showed up, but my blood tests never changed much, all low. I started taking some Oil of Oregano in 2005, just a few drops under the tongue, usually flushed with water as pretty hot! I just tested my blood last month, & was so surprised to find I am all in range, mostly low, but in range!! I am so excited!! I have not had a cold or flu this year, & feel more energetic! I can only contribute this wonderfull news to the Oil of Oregano, as I have done nothing else different. I have arthritus of all kinds, since 1965, & Fibromyalgis diagnosed in 1985. I have tried living with the pain as I was told taking medication would only have made my immune system worse. I do take the odd Tylenol when really bad. I am an active person, & find that by being so, it really helps take your mind off the aches & pains. So Bless Oil of Oregano - it must be my saviour!!!

'Peridontal Disease' By: Guido S

I have been using Hedd Wyn Oil of Oregano for three years now. I have periodontal disease and my periodontist keeps asking me if I am taking any Antobotics because he can't believe the condition of my gums, and I don't remember the last time I had a cold.

'Surprise! Back pain disappears!' By: R C

I am completely blown away by this product. Over the past few days I have been totally flat out with a flu type virus, intense body aches and pains so severe it was hard to wear clothes, feeling lethargic, a dry cough that felt like razors cutting into my chest. My friend had mentioned trying oregano oil...she brought me over some to try....within about 1/2 hour, incredibly, I felt improved and this maintain for maybe 3 hours...at first I just thought that this bug must be over but then it all began to creep back. so I succumbed to taking an analgesic that night before bed. The next day feeling much the same I sent my friend to P/U a bottle, once again the headache dissapeared, chest pain subsided, and my enery level boosted! So much that I was able to take the dog out for an hour long hike, until this point I had been on the sofa for 3 DAYS, hardly able to get up and make some tea. I'm impressed to say the least, but what really has surprised me is that I suffer from mid back pain this is an chronic condition that I rarely even get relief for. Any over the counter analgesics effects are minimal, massage or chiropractic care give me a few days at most . Well since I have been taking oil of oregano sub-lingually I have NO discomfort. This is a wonderful product I will be telling my friends about! I'm a Foot Care Nurse in the community and I anxious to test this product on nail fungus. AMAZING PRODUCT!! Many thanks RC

'Finally got rid of cold!' By: Debbie B

Wild Oil of Oregano is very effective . I've used it to heal a very sore throat and cold that was unsuccessfully treated by other cold remedies and drugs for more than 2 weeks. After taking the perscribed amounts of the OIL of Oregano for 2 days I was on my way to recovery. Believe me ,I was skeptical at first but when you become so sick of being sick and spending monies on treatments that don't work you will be willing to try anything . . . Try WILD OIL OF OREGANO IT DOES WORK !! Debbie

'Halitosis and Hay Fever' By: Hans S.

My daughter introduced me to Wild Oil of Oregano last summer. I began taking it on her advice, mainly for halitosis. I have been taking it twice a day since then. I get very bad hay fever early every spring - usually mid or late February through the spring. I mean running nose, stuffy head - just plain miserable. I need to take antihistimines on a daily basis. This year I have not had any symtoms. My wife went out and bought the antihistimines, but I have not needed them. The only thing I can put it down to is the oil of oregano. It is now almost mid-april and I am sans hay fever symtoms. My wife went on the internet to find out more about this oil and read that it is used to combat hay fever, etc. So, I thought I would give my testimonial. What other benefits I am reaping I have yet to discover, but this is a major. Oh yes, it does take care of halitosis also.

'Anti-biotics didn't work!' By: Ashley H

Last year I had been sick with a sinus infection for monthes. Not being a huge fan of antibiotics I was nervous about going to a doctor fearing they would just put me on drugs. Also I was unable to afford going to a homeopathic doctor. I tried to find other ways of curing my infection, with no luck. Eventually I gave in a went to a doctor as it had been over three months of suffering. Of course as soon as I told the doctor he put me on antibiotics, for two weeks. Nothing happened, the infection didn't get better at all. At the end of the two week cycle I was trying to decide if I should go back to the doctor as I know that leaving it and not continuing on could cause the bug to become stronger, my father came to me and said he had been at the health food store and they had told him about Wild Oil of Oregano. I went out and bought it right away. And less then a week later I could breath normally again! It was amazing and now I use it whenever I feel a cold or flu coming on. I also work with dogs and have contracted ringworm, which your product also cleared! Thank you!

'Helps dog and son' By: Joan S.

I gave my dog a small quantity of Oil of Oregano to treat a urinary tract infection. I searched the internet to find a solution and hit on Oil of Oregano. It stopped his crying to go out in less than an hour. We finally got through the night without his crying(unlike the night before). It was a huge relief for him and my family. It also helped stopped my son from his coughing that he had developed. I had given him some Oil of Oregano a few months ago when he came down with a bad cold. It helped him get over it quickly. But, we had both sort of forgotten about it. Then the problem with the dog came up. So, I gave my son some too. It could have been a much different week for the dog and my son had it not been for the Oil of Oregano. We won't forget about it again!

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